CaNeoLabs Experience 2

March 5 to 7 | Rivière-du-Loup

CaNeoLabs aims to co-create a community of practice to surface the needs of different Canadian innovation labs and further the sharing of visions, methods, tools, and expertise. A community of practice serves as a lever to continuously pool knowledges and skills, aiming to enhance and evolve collaborative best practices human-centered approaches throughout Canada.

Here We Go Again !

What Is CaNeoLabs Experience ?

CaNeoLabs Experience 2 is the major gathering of Canadian innovation labs organized by the Laboratoire en Innovation Ouverte (LLio), in collaboration with Inspiring Communities, with the participation of the Maison de l’innovation sociale (MIS) and Social Innovation Canada (SI Canada), and financial support from the Secrétariat du Québec aux relations canadiennes (SQRC). This bilingual pancanadian meeting provides a space for managers, facilitators, researchers, and anyone else involved in Canadian innovation labs interested in the Living Lab approach and participatory and collaborative methodologies to strengthen the connections between innovation labs, encourage cross-learning, access peer support, and collectively define the next steps of the community! This year, the event will take place in Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec, from March 5 to 7, 2024, on the theme « Canadian Innovation Labs : a future for young people »! 

The Program (Table)

March 5

Labs days

Labs Training


Workshops and experiments with 

young people (15-18)

March 6

Caneolabs Experience 2



March 7

Caneolabs Experience 2


Open forum

Last words

March 8

Canadian Network of Labs
Network Consolidation

« Canadian Innovation Labs : a future for young people »

The Program (Description)

On Tuesday, March 5, you have the opportunity to participate in a one-day training, complementary to the CaNeoLabs experience. It is particularly aimed at individuals and teams wishing to improve their understanding of innovation labs, in anticipation of a Lab in their territory, organization, or simply to deepen their knowledge of these increasingly prevalent and recognized innovation devices.

Besides, labs wishing to do so will be able to take part in the « Workshops and experiments with young people » day. It is offered to various innovation labs and provides the opportunity to conduct workshops with a young audience. If you have developed new methods, tools, or services, or wish to experiment with young people or create activities for this population, you can come and test them!

The CaNeoLabs Experience will take place on wednesday, March 6, and thursday, March 7! On Wednesday, you will have the opportunity to make presentations to young students and professionals, in addition to lab members. As for Thursday, it will be exclusively for lab members and professionals. These two days offer plenty of networking opportunities and a chance to share your experiences!
Friday, March 8, is dedicated to labs looking to strengthen the community of practices and the Canadian Network of Labs (CaNeoLabs). We will discuss the future of CaNeoLabs!

Do you want to hold a conference or organize a workshop on a topic related to the future of our youth? You have until January 9 to do so. Complete the form by clicking on the link, and we will review your proposal. Stay tuned!

Do you want to suggest a discussion topic that you find relevant to this year’s theme? Do you want to hear about a specific subject? This is where it happens! Click the link and submit your proposal.
Do you want to attend the CaNeoLabs 2 experience, workshops, conferences, and open forum? Registration will begin in January 2024. Until then, stay informed by providing your email address and through communication on LLio’s social media channels!
How will your proposal be evaluated?
Proposals will be evaluated by the CaNeoLabs Evaluation Committee based on various criteria, including:
  • The quality and impact of the idea
  • The theme of the proposal
  • Relevance to the event’s themes
  • Interactivity and methods used to facilitate
  • Value for participants
  • Adaptability of solutions
What happens if your proposal is accepted?
Accepted proposals will be presented at the CaNeoLabs Experience in Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec, on March 6 and 7, 2024.
Selected participants will receive a reimbursement to cover part of their travel and accommodation expenses upon submission of invoices. This reimbursement does not cover registration fees.
More informations about the previous edition here

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

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